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Small Businesses versus Covid-19

What a crazy year 2020 has been. The pandemic has taken loved ones, jobs, our sense of normality…

For a small business like Gro it has been touch and go – “where will the next rent payment come from”, “can we afford to keep going”. It has really been a struggle financially to run a business without income. To lose some amazing stylists who wanted to be closer to family. To lose loyal customers who don’t feel comfortable coming back into a salon environment – it all takes its toll.

Fortunately, we have been very lucky at Gro. Our team has actually grown from 3 to 6 this year, our many long terms clients have stuck by us – and a large number of new customers have given our salon a chance to impress them.

So, a big thank you to all our customers, old and new for supporting Gro through this difficult year. We will continue to offer the best service possible. We will continue to have our customers health at the forefront of all business decisions. We will continue to improve.

On a final note, every salon in Clapham says they have the best stylist team in the area, it almost becomes nothing more than background noise. However, for the first time in years, I believe that my current team, really is the best stylist team, not just in Clapham, but in the whole of South London.

Claire, Cherry, Ieva, Juh, Lee, Rodrigo – thank you for being on this journey with me. I could not do this without you.


(boss man)

(one day we will have a team photo with everyone in it)