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OLAPLEX - What is all the HYPE about?

OLAPLEX has become something of a cult brand in the hair industry - with stylists and clients alike singing its praises. In our Clapham salon it is the most requested service, and THE most purchased retail product. So what is so special about this 'magic' product?

Simply put - OLAPLEX rebuilds broken bonds - very VERY effectively!

OLAPLEX states that,

All hair can become compromised over time from environmental, lifestyle, or age. The structural integrity also known as bonds can become weakened due to these effects.
OLAPLEX works to rebuild broken bonds from within repairing, protecting, and strengthening hair. Turn dry, brittle, and damaged hair into silky, smooth, vibrant hair with OLAPLEX.

Below is before and after images of hair treated with OLAPLEX.

OLAPLEX is commonly used on coloured hair, as it helps to repair any chemical damage incurred during the bleaching process. OLAPLEX is also used to enhance and lock in your colour.

The treatment can be done before, during or after a colour service or it can be used as a stand-alone treatment.

The in-salon treatment takes around 15 minutes. The stylist will first add Olaplex Bond Multiplier to your dry, unwashed hair. This works to rebuild broken bonds within the hair. Secondly, they'll add Olaplex Bond Perfector, which carries on working from step one and makes sure that any remaining bonds are rebuilt and restored. There is a third step, which is done at home, and that's the Hair Perfector – this treatment reduces breakage and visibly strengthens your hair.

The next time you visit Gro London Hairstylists in Clapham South, ask one of the team about OLAPLEX.