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Men's Grooming now at Gro London, Clapham

To go along with our barbering, GRO London now offers a range of men's grooming services to our Clapham customers.

We listen to all our customers feedback. We were asked again and again for men's grooming

services to go along side our current barbering. Therefore we brought on-board Gro hairstylist Soraya who is a traditionally trained barber and is able to offer a range of new services to tame the wildest facial hair. Read her profile and see her Instagram here.

Trimming your beard or mustache is so important. Parker Mallouf writes in his article for Beard Brand that, get the best looking and healthiest beard you can possibly grow, you need to take this crucial step. Simply using a pair of quality grooming scissors to snip away the split ends will help tremendously during the growth stages. Having excessive amounts of split ends will actually slow down the growth of your beard, and make it look scraggly and untamed."

Excellent facial hair is as important as excellent hair. Getting it perfect in the bathroom mirror is very difficult. Pay a visit to our Clapham South salon to really see how much better and sharper you can look.