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Top Tips for Summer Hair Care

With summer finally upon us, the weather heating up and everyone getting out and about a bit more, it’s easy to forget about how the heat, sunlight and (if you’re hitting the beach) salt can damage our hair.

But it pays to keep on top of your hair care regime if you want to have luscious locks all summer long.

Over at Allure, they’ve offered some advice on how to step up your hair care routine at this time of year.

One thing to invest in is a UV protecting spray for your hair, to help prevent damage from the sun when you’re out and about catching some much-needed rays.

You should also make sure that you’re exfoliating your scalp weekly. This helps remove any build up of dead skin, as well as taking the remnants of any products off your hair.

Another thing you may want to get advice on is how to use serums and oils to give your hair a boost and leave it looking shiny and thick. The lightest hair oils borrow ingredients you’d traditionally find in face oils to smooth frizz and add shine without making your hair look greasy or dragging down your roots.

If you’ve got coloured hair, it’s definitely worth investing in high-quality pre-colour and aftercare products to ensure your hair looks shiny and stays healthy after being dyed.