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Male Beauty - Now Available

To keep up with the demand for male beauty services, Gro now offers 4 options which can be done after your haircut - or as a stand-alone booking.

Eyebrow waxing - shape up those brows with a quick eyebrow wax.

Ear and nose waxing - removal of those annoying hairs in your nose and ears using wax. (this is pain-free and is comparable to slapping your thigh).

Cleansing facial - During the service, hot towels and a steamer will be used to open the pores throughout. The skin will will be cleansed, exfoliated and black heads will be scraped away. Then toned and a cream face mask will be applied. Then the skin will be shut down by using a cold towel to close the pores.

Deluxe cleansing facial - As above but with the addition of a tissue face mask and a head and shoulder massage.