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Five Tips To Ensure Beautiful And Long-Lasting Hair Colouration

As you may already know, colouring is one of the big hair trends of the moment. And it just so happens, that this time of year is perfect to add some colour to your life as it will shine beautifully during bright spring mornings and lazy summer evenings. Maybe you are looking for inspiration for your next colour, wanting to change your style or to mask white hair. Hair colouring allows you to adopt the look you want. In this article, we shall be outlining five tips to ensure excellent and long-lasting hair colouration.

Trust The Pros

The first and perhaps most important piece of advice is to let the professionals do it! It is by chatting with your hairdresser that you will be able to choose a specific shade or mixture of several tones to obtain the colour you desire. Equally, they will be able to determine your appropriate needs (to cover white hairs for example), as well as the application of colour which suits previous colouration or current treatments.

Short or Long Term?

Just as you should not marry your first summer love, it is advisable not to commit to the long-term when getting your first colour treatment. Therefore, adopt a tone not too far from your natural colour, without ammonia, which will fade discreetly after 6 to 8 weeks. You will then be able to test another style or confirm your initial choice, without having the impression of limiting yourself to one colour forever – or at least for several months.

Natural Colour

Unless you want to make a drastic change to your hair colour, another good reason to use a tonal shade closely linked to your natural colour is that you will stay yourself, but better! The beautiful reflections and shine that will highlight your hair day after day will surely uplift your spirit and confirm that you’ve made the right choice.

Products That Respect Your Hair

Excessive colouring can lead to damaged hair, so getting it right in advance is a good idea – again with the help of a professional. Furthermore, quality pre-colouring and aftercare products will help your hair gain in strength, shine and stay healthy. If you decide to colour your natural hair, do not forget to take the right steps to keep it in good shape.

Maintain Your Colour

To enjoy your new colour for longer and retain all its brilliance week after week, do not hesitate to treat your hair correctly by using quality hair masks, oils and other care conditioners specially adapted for coloured hair. As we know, coloured hair is beautiful, and we love it, but they are also a little more fragile. They need regular moisturising care. With each new trend, a new reflection!