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Common Habits That Can Damage Your Hair

We all know that when our hair looks nice we feel much better than when it’s in a bit of a state and in need of some TLC. But did you know that there are some very common habits that could be causing damage to your locks?

Insider recently highlighted some of the things we most frequently do that can lead to our hair feeling dry, frizzy or just losing its shine.

One problem is washing your hair too often – or not enough. This is tricky to get right though, with the publication noting that different types of hair have varying requirements. Some will need a daily wash, while others can go for a day or two without – pay attention to how your hair and scalp looks and feels and go from there.

Wrapping your hair in a towel straight after a shower is one thing we should avoid doing, with the publication pointing out that this can pull the hair and damage it. Drying your hair with a towel can also lead to frizz – using an old cotton T-shirt can be a better way of removing the worst of the moisture without causing damage.

Hopping straight out of the shower and reaching for the blow dryer is another no-no, because this can increase the damage caused by heat and styling. The advice is to wait at least an hour before you blow dry.

Similarly, with styling tools you need to ensure you’re not ramping them up to the highest heat setting. Using them at a lower temperature will mean your hair sustains less heat damage.