All about......Balayage

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What is Balayage?

Balayage is a freehand highlighting technique, rather than traditional foiling or cap techniques. It doesn’t matter whether you have a short pixie cut or waist-length hair — this highlighting method can be used on anyone. The whole goal of balayage highlights is to leave you with natural-looking, sun-kissed hair.

Is it right for you?

It is a subtle highlighting technique that isn’t as drastic as completely changing your hair color. Balayage works on any hair color, so it doesn’t matter whether you have brown, blonde, or red hair. If you’re looking for highlights that are low maintenance, then balayage is the way to go. 

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How does it differ?

Balayage differs from other highlighting techniques, like ombré or traditional highlights, because it gives the colorist freedom to apply the color where they deem fit. With foils, you’ll get a uniform finish, while with balayage the result is more natural. This also allows the colorist to apply the color in specific areas they think will brighten your features.